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Breese comes from my last initial - B, and my daughter’s name – Reese, pronounced B - Reese. Breese Financial Group was created in June of 2010 and the name represents the struggle that my wife and I went through to have our first child and that family is worth the struggle. This struggle does not just mean financial struggle – as in saving for retirement or paying off debt or finding quality health care, there are all sorts of struggles families must deal with. Here at Breese Financial Group, we can help you be confident in your plan and minimize the financial struggle, relieving the worry and allowing you to spend more time enjoying your family.

The financial struggle is the #1 reason families do not start, the #1 reason families separate – divorce, the #1 reason families fight and the #1 reason surviving spouses die broke. By helping you with your financial struggle it will make the other struggles easier to fight.

Here at Breese Financial Group our goal is to help you fight the struggle together and to not go it alone.

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