There are 2 ways a financial advisor can help you



Pick the winners - which average investors are not very good at doing

  • 72% of our investment platform portfolios have beat their benchmark indices (through 2019)
  • A study by Vanguard (2019) – found that an advisor can add up to 3% more return on your money
  • To download the Vanguard Study click here


Help you be more efficient with your money by reducing interest paid on debt, minimizing losses and reducing taxes.

We help you with this process in 2 steps:

1. Eliminate debt quickly without spending more money than you are right now in 50% less time than your are currently on track for, while simultaneously building liquidity for emergencies and retirement savings.

2. Analyzing current savings for efficiency by minimizing losses and reducing taxes. This step includes:

  1. Cash flow utilization
  2. Income stabilization analysis
  3. Tax Conversion opportunities
  4. Social Security maximization and benefit analysis
  5. Housing wealth analysis
  6. Time segmentation investing
  7. True Asset Allocation
  8. Retirement Health Care Planning
  9. Longevity & Legacy Planning

Financial Rules of Investing